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I have been absolutely fascinated with photographing the dragonflies of NE NSW for the last 8 years, so when my son Adam said he was doing a web design course I suggested he might like to make me a site for my Dragonfly photos. I am so thrilled with the work he has done, however it has turned into a very large project so I am now learning how to finish it off myself. A second son Danni drew a sketch which has been incorporated into the home page. Lucky me!

I have tried to put up photos that are taken from different angles to make it easier for others to identify dragonflies they find here. As there is very little information on the behaviour of our dragonflies, I have included notes on observations that I have made.

I am hoping to spark more interest in these creatures as many of their habitats are under threat such as the draining of wetlands - often thought of as rubbish land. Nick Romanowski has a wonderful book called “Wetland Habitats A Practical Guide to Restoration and Management” in which he says that drainage has destroyed 90% of the wetlands in south-eastern South Australia, and possibly a similar area on the Swan coastal plain around Perth. At least 1/3 of Victorian wetlands are gone, 3/4 of those around Sydney and not much is known about other areas in Australia because no-one cared enough to note their passing. This book is very informative about the value of wetlands.

There are a few photos taken by friends or family and these are noted underneath the photos. The copyright of all other images remains with me - Ros Coy. I am happy for my images to be used for students projects as long as the photos are credited to me. Please contact me if you wish to use any images for any other purpose.

    Here is a list of references I have used in identifying the dragonflies on this site:-
    1. The Complete Field Guide to Dragonflies of Australia - Gunther Theischinger and John Hawking
    2. Austodonata.pdf available from The Department of Climate Change and Water NSW prepared by Gunther Theischinger and Ian Endersby.
    3. Australian Dragonflies, A Guide to the identification, Distributions and Habitats of Australian Odonata - J.A.L. Watson, G Theischinger and H.M. Abbey.
    4. Dragonflies and Damselflies of Southwest Australia - Jan Taylor.
    5. Also the wonderful members of the Yahoo group - Ausodonata have helped identify or confirm identifications of several dragonflies.